True Story


I am Patrick Connor Foster. I am 14 years old and I go to Corpus Christi College, right now. I’m pretty happy, but I wasn’t always so happy. I’ve have been bullied for a significant part of my time at Corpus. i have been thourgh hell, and it makes me sad to know that more people most likely hate me then like me but enough about me, I am writing this because I want to help people who are going through the same thing.

4,000 people take their own lives every year due to bullying and its terrifying to know how many more people could be contemplating suicide. If your’e getting bullied or suffering from depression and reading this here are 4 things I did which you could do too. :3

1. Tell someone: I know you may feel alone but trust me you are not. They are so many people out there who care about you.

2. Write down what you feel: I know its stupid, but it does help a lot and it helps get it all out. :)

3. Listen to lots of music: Find songs that match your situation and it makes you feel like your not alone. :)

4. Remember that: Its always darkest just before the dawn and that your dawn will eventually come. :)

and finally I just want to say if you ever need to talk to me about it my ask box is always there so leave a message and ill answer it to the best of my abilities :)

It always gets better I promise! :D

peace out ;)

- patty foster

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